You No Longer Have to Cope Without A Rocking Chair

We've all been there - you're at Grandma's - at a hotel - at a friend's house - and you realize how badly you need your beloved rocking chair to bond with or soothe your little one. Alas, there are no rocking chairs to be found, and there are no worthwhile portable rocking chair solutions available, or you would have brought one, right? 

Doesn't seem like a real problem until you're in the middle of it, when the desperation comes crashing in like a tsunami as your little one's temperament deteriorates, and fast. We've been there and we know exactly how it feels. Thankfully, we are here to fix that problem, so you never have to feel that completely preventable anxiety again. 

With our first daughter, my husband or I rocked her to sleep every.single.night before we put her down for bed. When we stayed at a hotel for the first time without our beloved rocker, I was a nervous wreck. Our daughter was a great sleeper (11-13 hours per night) and thrived on routine. Not having that chair with us threw off our entire bedtime routine and ultimately triggered a series of events that basically turned the vacation into anything but. Amazing how one little thing can have such an impact. 

With RockEase, you never have to leave home again without your rocking chair.  All you need is a standard 4-legged chair and about 60 seconds of your time and you have yourself a traveling rocking chair. It goes where you go - did I mention it fits in a diaper bag? Yes, you heard that correctly - or stays where you want it to stay.  You can rock with ease, anywhere you please.

I currently use mine at home, both in the nursery and the first floor of our home, and while on the go (doctor's visits, friend's homes and hotels). You attach our universal rocking rails to the chair of your choice to create a rocking chair that rocks as well as, if not better, than any nursery rocker I've sat in - at a fraction of the cost, and without taking up valuable space.

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