What To Do When Baby Cries

A crying baby can instantly trigger stress and anxiety for parents, especially first time parents that may be unsure of soothing techniques. We put together some helpful tips and techniques to help you, help your crying baby. 

Start With The Basics

  • Is baby hungry? Does he need to burp?
  • Does their diaper need to be changed?
  • Are they cold or hot? (feel baby's chest to gauge temperature)

Movement - always match the intensity to the intensity of baby's cry

  • Rock in rocking chair
  • Hold baby and bounce as you walk
  • Place in baby swing
  • Cradle baby in your arms facing out and jiggle
  • Car ride
  • Stroller ride

Noise - always match the intensity to the intensity of baby's cry

  • White noise can be soothing to baby
  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner
  • Make shushing sound in baby's ear
  • Loud music, listen to what calms you


  • Skin to skin under a blanket
  • Put baby in a sling and wear them 
  • Swaddle baby

Is it gas?

  • Lay him across your knees on his tummy and rub his back
  • Use baby gas drops
  • Bicycle his legs while he lies on his back

And more 

  • Try a change of scenery, get outside
  • Give baby a massage
  • Check baby's clothes - are they too tight, or constricting

For reference memorize the 5 S's so you have your tools ready to go. 

  1. Swaddle
  2. Swing (jiggle) 
  3. Sidelying
  4. Sucking
  5. Shushing