Traveling Rocking Chair

Travel Rocking Chair

When we first tell consumers that our portable rocking chair solution fits in a diaper bag, they looked at us, dumbfounded. 

Within a few minutes of explanation the light bulb goes off, and they get it - and they want it. 
RockEase, the first compact and portable traveling rocking chair device, transforms any standard 4-legged chair into a rocking chair, allowing parents (or anyone, really) to rock with ease anywhere they please. It takes about 60 seconds to install and again, fits in a standard diaper bag. This product rocks where you want to rock - hotels, doctor's offices, work, friend's houses, and more.

We wanted to show our consumers that not only does it fit in a diaper bag, but you can actually fit so much more in your diaper bag as well when carrying it. The pictures don't lie. This product really does rock!