Top 15 Baby Travel Products

It's no surprise that you'll need to pack extra accessories and products when traveling with a little one. The question is, what do you really need for a successful trip? The idea is to not over-pack, hello bag fees, and to only bring the essentials. Easier said than done, you may think, but we rounded up our top 15 baby travel products that will make traveling with your littles a breeze. Have additional questions about what to bring? Shoot us an email, we're always happy to help

1) RockEase Travel Rocker

Invented out of desperation while traveling with no great soothing solution, RockEase transforms any standard 4-legged chair in to a rocking chair, allowing you to rock your little one with ease anywhere you please. Grandma's, hotels, the lake house - you'll now have your beloved glider with you wherever you travel. RockEase fits in a diaper bag and weighs 4 lbs, major traveling win!  
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2) Doona Car Seat Travel Stroller

For the consistent traveler this car seat is a no-brainer. Anything to make traveling easier and allows us parents to bring less is a huge win. The Doona does just that. This car seat transforms into a stroller, yes an actual stroller, making life on the go a total breeze and allowing you to bring one less bulky item on your trip. If you don't travel that often and can't justify the $499 price tag, we swear by the Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller. It easily folds down, is super lightweight and can fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. 
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3) Travel Booster Seat 

There are many travel high chair/booster seat options we love but this one won us over. It's affordable, folds flat and is lightweight. Again, we're conscious of packing space and weight because of those awful bag fees we all dread. 
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4) Marpac Dohm Sound Machine 

Chances are, traveling to an unfamiliar destination may disrupt even the best of sleepers. We have found that utilizing a sound machine helps drown out any distracting noises and gets our little one to sleep faster and for longer periods of time. 
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5) iPad or iPhone Cover

iPads and iPhones are pure magic when traveling. The last thing you want to worry about is your little one launching your iPad (ahem, cracked screen) which is why we love this Fisher-Price cover, available for both iPhones and iPads. It's protective, child-friendly and affordable. 
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6) Puj Bath

The Puj Bath is the best baby bath for life on the go. It is super lightweight and folds completely flat, making packing a breeze. 
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7) Fizz Wizz

These little tablets are lifesavers when traveling with bottles. Skip bringing every bottle you own, the dish soap and your bottle cleaners and toss a container of Fizz Wizz tablets in your carry on. These organic tablets can clean the dirtiest of bottles in a matter of minutes.
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8) Lullababy Travel Station

This genius product is a must-have for traveling parents. The diaper bag transforms in to a portable changing station and travel crib -  that's 3 must-have products in 1! And it's affordable. The bag isn't the cutest, we get that, but it gets the job done for us parents looking to make traveling with littles easier. 
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9) Painters Tape

Quite possibly the most affordable product you'll buy for your trip could save you the biggest headache. Painter's tape is great for baby proofing the room your little will be spending time in without any damage - cover electrical outlets, tape dresser drawers closed, you get the idea. 
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10) Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a must while traveling. Carriers are ideal for the flight, for use exploring, and at destinations that don't allow strollers (yes, that's actually a thing).  We love this Infantino wrap because it's no frills which makes it great for packing - it's lightweight and folds totally flat. Again back to those bag fees, it takes up little space and very little weight! 
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Zoli Snack Container

11) ZoLi On The Go Snack + Formula Containers

Snacks and a fed baby are what will make your travels a success, or at least are a big part of it. These stackable snack containers are great for packing formula for on the go feeds and keeping your snacks organized. The quicker we can get these littles fed, the happier they will be. 
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Zipoc Bags

12) Ziploc Bags

With little ones you never know when disaster will strike. It could be a diaper explosion, super messy meal time or a exorcist-like spit up. Whatever the case may be, having ziploc bags on hand will make containing the mess a breeze while on the go. They are also great for snacks, containing toys and storing pacifiers. 
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iaVo Night Light

13) Nightlight

You wouldn't turn on every light at home to change your baby's diaper so you shouldn't have to do that while traveling. Invest the $10 or so on a couple of travel night lights you can use for night feedings or changes, your baby's sleep schedule will thank you. 
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Babyganics Sanitizing Wipes

14) Sanitizing Wipes

Germs, they are everywhere especially when traveling. No one wants to get sick especially when you aren't in the comfort of your own home. These sanitizing wipes are great for cleaning down anything you and your littles will come in contact with that has the potential to be a germ magnet. Yuck.
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Little Remedies Baby First Aid

15) First Aid Kit

Don't leave home without your first-aid kit! Believe us you don't want to be stuck at midnight in a hotel needing baby tylenol to kick a sudden fever. 
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