Benefits of a Traveling Rocking Chair

There is no doubt that rocking chairs rock, especially when you have little ones. But before we get in to why they rock, and even more importantly why our traveling rocking chair device RockEase rocks, let's talk history real quick. 

The first rocking chair was created in 1710 by attaching two ice skates to a regular chair. However, the trend didn't really take off until about 75 years later. Rocking chairs were quickly recognized as having positive effects on pain and stress, and were often utilized in places such as hospitals and other health care facilities. 

So why rock your baby? And with a portable rocking chair nonetheless?
We picked a few of our favorite benefits, because we know you are pressed for time.
  • Soothing your child when he is stressed is essential for his overall well-being, and in this strange new world he’s been born into, rocking most closely resembles the familiar, comforting sensations of the womb.
  • The back and forth motion of a rocking chair provides social, emotional and motor development. It helps calm crying babies, makes them smile and hold their heads up.
  • Rocking has prenatal benefits in that it is believed to promote the development of the fetal nervous system. Anne Ayres, a respected American occupational therapist and nerve/clinical psychologist, recommends that at the start of the 10th week of pregnancy, women should rock 5-10 minutes twice a day. 
RockEase is the only rocking chair solution that saves money and your sanity. At only $99, RockEase saves you hundreds of dollars on the nursery glider you would have purchased allowing you to splurge on that stroller you had your eye on, or anything else more deserving of your hard-earned money. And even better, it rocks where you want to rock, something an in-home glider cannot do. 

RockEase is lightweight, portable and assembles in seconds. If soothing your child is a part of your parenting routine, it can help avert a "nuclear meltdown" while parenting on the go. 

With RockEase you can say goodbye to big bulky rockers and gliders that monopolize your space. You can utilize space efficiently by attaching our rocking rails to a chair that's small enough to rock, yet comfy enough to relax in. Pick chair that you'll actually want to use in the post-rocking phase, and when you're done rocking, it's yours again!

RockEase is a versatile product that appeals to the strong parental desire to soothe one's child and preserve one's own sanity. It has roots in the widely accepted health benefits of rocking, it's inexpensive, efficient, and travels well. It rocks, and so do the parents who use it!