Airport Travel Hacks

TSA Pre-Check Waiting in line is daunting and annoying enough for adults, it’s clearly no walk in the park for kids. If you can utilize TSA pre-check to save y’all valuable time and perhaps save you from a tornado sized toddler tantrum.

Carry Only Backpacks It will literally be all hands on deck when traveling with littles, especially at the airport. Give yourself a hands-free experience by wearing a backpack. And it doesn’t need to be any sort of special diaper bag backpack (although we love RYLA), you can pull out your fav backpack from college if you’ve still got it. All that truly matters is it is large enough to carry the essentials and allow you to always have both hands available for who knows what's about to go down. 

Bring the Car Seat on Wheels If you are bringing a carseat on the plane, the best thing you can invest in is a carseat cart. This cart can double as your stroller as you are strolling through the airport and, quite obviously, carrying your carseat (and tot).

Keep Them Fed Stock your bag with snacks you know you’re kids will love. And think easy, nothing super messy, and avoid peanut butter. Our favorites are dried fruit, gummies and larabars. You’ll keep your kid from a hangry meltdown and give them something to focus on while in the air. 

Bring the Stroller That Can be Gate Checked Running around an airport can be exhausting AF. Having a stroller on hand can help give you and your little one a rest. Be sure to check with your airline regarding their gate checked strollers before you arrive.

Know the Rules About Bringing Breastmilk and Formula The saying “don’t cry over spilled milk” doesn’t apply to nursing mamas. Research the rules about bringing breastmilk and formula through security and be prepared to pull up those rules if you are given a hard time. Before a trip we always crowd source with our favorite mom groups via Facebook to learn from their recent traveling experiences, too.

Ask If There Is a Family Line at Security It never hurts to ask, especially when children are involved.

Carefully Schedule the Time of Your Flight If scheduling allows for it (and ticket prices) book your travel during your child’s nap time. This will make it a little less stressful for all involved. This will also help keep your fam on schedule when you get to your destination.

Keep Their Clothing Simple Keep things simple and be prepared for anything - spills, bathroom accidents, you know the drill. While super cute, a romper for your potty training daughter may not be the wisest idea. Dress them in clothes that can be easily be taken on and off.

Bring More For Them Than You Think You Need AND BRING EXTRAS. Pack extra clothes and a few storage sized ziploc bags if anything does get wet and you don’t want to toss it.

Keep What They Need Easy To Reach Stay organzied. Know where the passports are, the diapers, the toys, the snacks. So when duty calls, whatever that duty may be, you are prepared in seconds.

Know the Rules Ahead of Time Jump on your airlines’ website and research their rules and regulations regarding family travel. All airlines are different especially when it comes to gate checked strollers. You don’t want to rely on gate checking your stroller and then find out at the airport that isn’t happening - hello, nightmare.


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Check Your Bags It’s expensive, regardless of the airline, but so worth it. You’ll have your hands full with your children, you won’t want to also worry about your carry-on luggage.

Think of No-Mess Activities Keep the finger paints at home and think of mess-free alternatives like magnetic drawing boards, gel-clings for airplane windows, an iPad, imagine ink coloring books and magnetic blocks.

Check Your Airports For the Family Stations Many airports have nursing stations and family rest-stations. See if your airport has them and know where they're located, especially if you need to pump at the airport instead of scheduling it for the plane.