The only rocking chair solution that saves money AND your sanity.

Nursery Rocking Travel Chair


"My youngest had a long hospital stay, and at his sickest, rocking was his only comfort at times. Oddly, rocking chairs were hard to come by in the ICU. This would completely solve the issue."

– Daria Z.

“Having this device would make outings with babies, especially young ones, far less stressful knowing you have the option to comfortably rock your baby whenever, wherever as long as there is a seat available!”

– Jenna V.

“I know so many moms who would love this but never think in a million years that they could ever have a travel rocking chair! For babies who need to be rocked, I have never seen another product this portable and versatile!”

– Tammy S.

“The concept alone is something that could have helped me more times than I can count while away from home. We are a family that is absolutely on the go & would appreciate something like this a lot. Aside from the major pro of stress relief while traveling with little ones, ROCKEASE would provide a portable, simple solution to what is usually a huge inconvenience when traveling. Ingenious invention!"

– Lorrie A.